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Tool Chest of Drawers (Blue/Gray)

Tool Chest of Drawers (Blue/Gray)

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Explore the Master Tool Chest of Drawers, meticulously designed to revolutionize organization in various workspaces. Here are its key features:

Customizable Organization:
  • Easily adjust extraction and load-bearing capacities.
  • Utilize the segmented anti-tilt bar for enhanced stability.
  • Enjoy a highly secure anti-tampering closing system.

Versatile Drawer Options:
  • Mechanically adjust the drawer rear stop for three different capacities.
  • Opt for a telescopic guide, supporting up to 200 kg load capacity.
  • Experience improved drawer extension and volume use.

Patented Opening System:
  • Customize extension and load capacity effortlessly.
  • Cylinder-type closure with push-to-open and numerical keypad.
  • Unmatched security against forced openings.

Efficient Internal Organization:
  • Holes and slots for hassle-free divider installation.
  • Choose from various Fami Storage Systems accessories, including dividers and plastic trays.
  • Line each drawer with non-slip rubber or foam mats.

Durable and Configurable Design:
  • Fixed aluminum profile section for longevity.
  • Gravity-driven closing movement ensures reliability.
  • 25 mm pitch holes for versatile closure head placement.
  • Configurable drawer grouping by height.

Quick Identification:
  • Add barcodes, labels, or images to handles for content recognition.
  • Innovative features simplify content identification.

Sylogik® Syfront Technology:
  • Elevate drawer fronts to visual interfaces.
  • Customize with aesthetic elements.
  • User-friendly input and output for content description and messages.


Experience the Master Tool Chest of Drawers – a harmonious blend of technology and design, tailored for efficient and tidy organization in diverse work environments.

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