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66-pc Fixturing Kit [5/8"]

66-pc Fixturing Kit [5/8"]

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66-pc. Kit includes:

Inserta Clamps

UDN5150 x2

Side Clamps

TCX5210 x2

Inserta Pliers

PTT522K x2

Inserta Pliers

PTT634K x2

vpad, magnetic top v-pad, magnetic top vpad, magnetic vpads, aluminum top vpad

Magnetic V-Clamp Pad

T54217 x 2

Adjustable Range from 0.88 inch to 1.08 inch

Ball Lock Bolts

T55055 x10

Locating Pins

T54201 x2

D Stop Bars

T50632-01 x8

Right Angle Brackets

T50304 x2

Right Angle Brackets

T50305 x2


T54203 x4


T54205 x4

vblock, v-block


T54216 x8

V-Block Spacers

T54211 x4

Magnetic Rest Buttons

T50737 x12