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Table Plate Mounting Kit [5/8"]

Table Plate Mounting Kit [5/8"]

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There are two mounting kits for Alpha 5/8 tables and MAX tables.

– For Alpha 5/8 tables only

8 pc. of M12 screws for mounting tabletop or side plates to the table frame.

– For MAX tables

The kit includes 10 pc. of 0.866″ O.D. locating bushings and 10 pc. of M10 x 22 mounting screws.

Locating Bushings allow you to remove, re-position, re-align, and reverse the table plates! Must be used in conjunction with mounting screws.

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Part No. Description Weight (lb)
TM62010-04-10K 10x Locating Bushing + 10x Mounting Screws for MAX (Slotless and Slotted) Tables ONLY 1.1
TY5-M12-8K 8x M12 Mounting Screws for Alpha 5/8 Tables ONLY 0.6