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Siegmund Tables

Spring-Loaded Stop [28 mm]

Spring-Loaded Stop [28 mm]

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Universal Stop 225 L FDS, additionally equipped with a spring loaded part. As a result, the 225 L FDS Universal Stop is perfectly suitable for clamping metal and molded components. Due to the spring mechanism, no additional fixation of the workpiece is necessary, if no major welding deformations are anticipated. The adjustment range of the elongated hole is 0-100 mm.

‐ Combination of borehole and elongated hole
‐ Standard with fine scaling on both sides

"These Siegmund stops are used to align work pieces anywhere on the table. Oblong slots provide adjustment and versatility while holes provide anchoring points for accessories such as clamps and V-prisms. Combine these with clamping squares for even more options! The spring loaded ball ensures your work piece seats against the adjacent stop.

Siegmund fixtures are designed around 28mm diameter work holes on a 100mm grid spacing and 25mm fixture and table thickness. Siegmund has designed fast clamping bolts to work with tables from other manufacturers that may have a slightly different table thickness. Contact us for more information on compatibility and see how much you can save on your modular fixtures."

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