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Siegmund Tables

Professional Fast Tension Clamp - Nitrided (1 pc)

Professional Fast Tension Clamp - Nitrided (1 pc)

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The Professional Fast Tension Ratchet Clamp is used to clamp welding parts quickly and powerfully. The force can be set individually with the grating.

With the new handwheel on the cast iron cross, the height can be adjusted quickly.

This Siegmund ratchet screw clamp measures 310mm tall by 200mm wide and adjusts in the vertical and horizontal axis to reach any part of the table. It features a ratchet clamp for super fast setup / tear down time. Siegmund offers a wide variety of screw clamps that adjust easily to meet all of your clamping needs.

Siegmund fixtures are designed around 28mm diameter work holes on a 100mm grid spacing and 25mm fixture and table thickness. Siegmund has designed fast clamping bolts to work with tables from other manufacturers that may have a slightly different table thickness. Contact us for more information on compatibility and see how much you can save on your modular fixtures.

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