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Sheet Metal Magnets

Sheet Metal Magnets

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Hold sheet metal and automotive metal panels firmly in a positive location for cutting, welding, tacking, painting and repair operations.

Rare earth disc magnets in the magnetic plate have superior gripping power. Rubber Pads on the Sheet Metal Magnets provide friction for increased drag force in sheet metal handling applications.

Use horizontally or vertically. The strong, generously sized plastic handle makes placing, moving, and removing the Sheet Metal Magnets fast and easy.

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Straight Pull Force (lb) *
Side Drag Force (lb) *
Weight (lb)


2x Heavy Duty Sheet Metal Magnets
100 / ea.
45 / ea.

* Subject to surface thickness and texture.

Part No.

Weight (lb)


10x Replaceable Rubber Pads, approx. 3.3" Dia.

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