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Rotary Positioners

Rotary Positioners

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Mount your MAX or Alpha Welding Tabletop to the BuildPro Rotary Positioner for plane rotation of your work surface. The low backlash gear drive allows for smooth operation, stability, and controlled turning and positioning.

The worm gears combined with center of gravity positioning minimizes the effort required for rotation while preventing free rotation of the table from gravity. A faceplate with 15° increments provides positive manual locking. The BuildPro Rotary Positioner allows you to rotate your weld fixture to the best ergonomic position for worker safety, comfort, and reduced operator fatigue.

The BuildPro Rotary Positioner is universal, with an adjustable base to accommodate most MAX or Alpha 5/8 Welding Tabletops. The Positioner features four swiveling, locking casters, and four leveling feet for setup at dedicated or alternating locations in the shop.

* Tabletop sold separately.
* Positioners are designed for MAX and Slotted tables, for Alpha 28 and 5/8 applications, please contact our sales team.

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For MAX Slotless Tabletops

Part No. Fits Tabletops Platform Size (ft) Approx. Weight (lb)
TMP59648 TM(Q)59648V 8 x 4 1,100
TMP57248 TM(Q)57248V 6 x 4 1,054
TMP56036 TM(Q)56036V 5 x 3 1,000
TMP54848 TM(Q)54848V 4 x 4 1,030

For MAX Slotted Tabletops

Part No. Fits Tabletops Platform Size (ft) Approx. Weight (lb)
TMP59446 TM(Q)59446SV 8 x 4 1,024
TMP57846 TM(Q)57846SV 6.5 x 4 1,010
TMP57838 TM(Q)57838SV 6.5 x 3 1,010
TMP54746 TM(Q)54746SV 4 x 4 988
TMP54738 TM(Q)54738SV 4 x 3 988