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Reversible Table Plates [MAX Tables]

Reversible Table Plates [MAX Tables]

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The reversible BuildPro® Table plates are self-locating. Patented Bushing design(U.S. PAT. 9636786) allows you to remove, re-position, re-align, and reverse the table plates!

When the surface of your BuildPro® Table plates show signs of wear, turn them over to provide a new work surface.

* Mounting hardware sold separately. See Mounting Kits for ordering information.

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Part No. (Standard Finish) Part No. (Nitrided Finish) Dimension (in) Weight (lb) CAD
TM59648V-01 TMQ59648V-01 48 x 6 x 5/8 45 STEP
TM56036V-01 TMQ56036V-01 36 x 6 x 5/8 34 -