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Non-Twisting Shark Clamp, Straight Handle, 6½"

Non-Twisting Shark Clamp, Straight Handle, 6½"

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Fast Set-ups, just hold the button down and pull-push the handle to the desired clamping position, release the button and turn the handle to tighten.

Force is transferred from a rotating screw into straight line force via a hinging mechanism.

This prevents twisting and rotation of the items being clamped which is especially useful in applications such as drilling.

  • 6-1/2" Clamping Capacity
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Part No. Description Max. Pull Force (lb) MAX Clamping Capacity (in) Weight (lb)
SC50 T-Handle 1,000 5.0 2.2
SC50A Straight Handle 300 5.0 2.0
SC65 T-Handle 1,000 6.5 2.5
SC65A Straight Handle 300 6.5 2.2