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The MagHold, Extendable Arm 2.0

The MagHold, Extendable Arm 2.0

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The Ultimate Magnetic Arm!

Unleash the power of versatility with MagHold Extendable Arm 2.0, a new tool designed to elevate your workspace and ease your daily tasks. This magnetic arm will be an essential addition to your toolkit.

At the heart of the MagHold 2.0 is its extendable arm, which boasts magnetic pads on each end. This ensures a secure hold on various ferrous materials and surfaces, turning any ordinary space into a versatile workspace.

The MagHold Extendable Arm 2.0 features a 3" slot, providing the flexibility to extend and retract the arm.

Lock it into your preferred position using the quick-acting cam bolt, ensuring a stable and reliable setup. Three cam bolts; one at the base and two along the extension arm enable seamless pivoting, allowing you to position the arm at the perfect angle for your specific task.

Additionally, the MagHold 2.0 features two integrated handles that let you pull the magnets off of your workspace with ease. 

The range of the MagHold 2.0 extends from 8" to 11", with a pivot joint in between providing you with the right reach for any job. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast craving flexibility, the MagHold 2.0 has you covered.

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