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Leg Braces [MAX Slotted]

Leg Braces [MAX Slotted]

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Leg Brace assembly includes the: Braces, Corner Rail Clamps, and Cross Link Tubings.

Leg Braces reinforce and stabilize the BuildPro® table. Ideal as a base for creating shelves. Place a metal plate or wooden board on the brace framework.

Create one, or multiple level shelves with additional Leg Brace Assembly.

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Part No. Description Weight (lb) CAD
TMLB94 Leg Brace Assembly for Slotted 8' x 4' tables TM(Q)59446 28 STEP
TMLBR78 Leg Brace Assembly for Slotted 6-1/2' × 3' TM(Q)57838 and 6-1/2' × 4' tables TM(Q)57846 25 STEP
TMLBR47 Leg Brace Assembly for Slotted 4' × 3' TM(Q)54738 and 4' x 4' tables TM(Q)54746 15 STEP
TMLBR22 Leg Brace Assembly for Slotted 2' × 3' tables TM(Q)52238 13 STEP