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Inserta F Clamp with Swivel Base [5/8"]

Inserta F Clamp with Swivel Base [5/8"]

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A fresh new addition to our clamp lineup designed to enhance your fixturing and manufacturing processes.

At the heart of the Inserta F Clamp is the proven concept of the Inserta Clamp itself. Paired with any of our 5/8" fixturing tables this clamp ensures a secure and accurate hold on materials during welding or other manufacturing tasks.

The addition of a base arm introduces a new dimension to your clamping capabilities. Now, you can securely clamp items against the base arm, providing an alternative to clamping against the tabletop surface. This feature is particularly useful when dealing with materials that require it to be elevated, in a different orientation, or when additional support is needed.

The Inserta F Clamp's base arm comes with a 5/8" pin at the base, allowing seamless insertion into any of our 5/8" modular fixturing tables for quick and reliable setup. As you slide the spindle up and down, the arm wedges itself against the rail, creating a powerful clamping force against the materials. Turning the spindle further enhances the clamping effect, ensuring a stable and secure hold.

To add to its versatility, the rail on the Inserta F Clamp is designed to rotate or swivel at the base. This unique feature provides you with the flexibility to position the clamp at different angles, adapting to the specific requirements of your project.

Upgrade your workshop with the Inserta F Clamp – this clamp is your reliable partner for achieving accurate and repeatable results. Experience the difference in clamping efficiency and versatility with the Inserta F Clamp!

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