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Big Pipe Grasshopper

Big Pipe Grasshopper

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The top choice when grounding large pipes for welding!

Designed with features that streamline your entire process and guaranteed to electrically ground your pipes effectively.

Spring-loaded Ground Arm/Probe: This tool simplifies the grounding process. The arm swiftly grounds pipes during welding and easily swings out of the way, granting you unobstructed access for seamless welding or other equipment manipulation. It features two contact probes to ensure a secure and consistent ground connection.

Dual Strong Magnets: Equipped with swivel pads to ensure the Big Pipe Grasshopper delivers unparalleled adaptability, accommodating various pipe diameters. The strong magnets guarantee a secure and stable connection during welding.

All-copper grounding pad and contact probe: The Big Pipe Grasshopper boasts exceptional conductivity, ensuring a reliable and efficient grounding connection. Say goodbye to interrupted workflows or compromised ground connections - this tool provides a consistent and solid electrical ground throughout your welding tasks.

Open Cable Loop: Designed to keep the grounding cables out of your way, for a clutter-free work environment and streamlining your productivity.

The Big Pipe Grasshopper is the perfect solution for grounding when welding large pipes. Easy to use, this tool keeps everything in place and ensures a solid ground connection. If you're looking to simplify your welding and get the best results, this tool is right for you!

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