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Forged Vise [Alpha 5/8, MAX & RhinoCart]

Forged Vise [Alpha 5/8, MAX & RhinoCart]

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This forged steel 4″ Bench Vise features a 360° swivel base, large machined anvil surface, powder coated finish. Made of 90,000 PSI tensile strength forged steel. Swivel base is patterned to bolt directly to table.

Rear jaw of the vise hangs over the edge of the table when mounted on edge. Vise can also be mounted with Ball Lock Bolts for quick mounting and dismounting.

* Four Socket Shoulder Screws (PN: T831610) included.

*TXV5-4-K is not compatible with TXH8022

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Jaw Width (in) Jaw Opening (in) Pipe Capacity (in) Throat Depth (in) Clamping Force (lb) Handle Dia. (in) Handle Length (in) Max Torque (ft/lb) Weight (lb)
4.0 5.0 0.5 ~ 2.0 2.9 5,000 0.435 7.125 118 20