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Articulated Arm Rest

Articulated Arm Rest

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The "ABC" Rule for greater work quality - "Always Be Comfortable" while welding.

This fully adjustable Arm Rest with the fully articulated arm supports your extended arm while working. Steady your arm or hand, for greater weld control and reduced fatigue.

The 2-section Articulated Arm is height adjustable [slide up or down the support column] and swivels quickly and easily for work in precise locations. The comfortable, generously sized arm cup turns in a 360° arc for complete freedom in positioning, and instant re-positioning.

Place the sturdy, anti-tipping, magnetic base plate on any steel surface and level by adjusting the two leveling bolts.

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Part No. Overall Height (in) Articulated Arm Height Range (in) Articulated Arm Reach (in) Weight (lb)
ARA18 15.0 6.0 ~ 15.0 0 ~ 12.5 4.9