MagTab 1.0

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  • MagTab 1.0
  • MagTab 1.0
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Time saving magnetic tools for use in the shop & in the field.

Hold tabs, or any small metal pieces, parallel or perpendicular to the substructure.
The Adjustable Magnetic V-shape base adjusts for different shapes: round, flat, angle metal surfaces.

Magnetic Holding: Hold tabs and small metal pieces, parallel or perpendicular to your substructure.

V-Pads: MagTabs feature an integrated V-Pad that allows you to magnetically attach to various types of surface shapes; flat, curved, or with varying angles.

* Remove the MagTab bracket to use the Adjustable Magnetic V-Pad for light duty holding of steel plates. 

* Must be used for tack welding only and removed before completing weld. Avoid prolonged exposure of magnetic products to heat sources of 175ºF / 80ºC and above.

U.S. PAT. 8789821
Part No. Description Dimension (in) Max. Pull Force (lb) Weight (lb)
MFT10 Magtab 1.0 4 x 3 x 1.3 18 0.5

* Magnetic force is based on 0.08” flat steel surface.

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